Organic jaggery powder benefits and uses

Jaggery is not just a natural sweetener for Indians. These orange blocks of sweetness have been part of our culture since ages. You will find Jaggery in every kitchen waiting to be taken out to be used in traditional sweets. In fact, Jaggery being cooked in the kitchen is a sign that a festival is under way. Jaggery is produced using traditional methods and is a common sight in the villages which makes organic jaggery powder a familiar product to the Indians. Also, the fact that organic jaggery powder benefits are mentioned in Ayurveda shows why it holds such an important place in our lifestyle.

In most cases, organic jaggery powder is made out of sugarcane juice. It contains the essential nutrients like Calcium and Iron that are otherwise lost during the processing of refined sugar crystals which we regularly consume. However, organic jaggery powder benefits go beyond the presence of essential nutrients. It is made without the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It also has cleansing properties that help in the digestion process. Remember kada, the home made bitter-sweet syrup that our mother used to make when we had cough? Jaggery, known for its throat soothing properties, is one of the key ingredients in it. Given the benefits of jaggery powder, it is finding its place in the kitchens of the modern Indian by substituting refined sugar in tea, coffee and more.

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